I personally think it's actually that the sound mix is off, I don't know if it's BBCA or Doctor Who itself, but there's not a consistent level for things so that I can actually hear it well enough to decipher. Sometimes it's too loud, sometimes I can barely hear. I'm losing a few lines per episode myself but for me… » 9/21/14 10:33am Sunday 10:33am

I depends on how and what exactly happened before, and how knowledgeable his doctors were about parasomnias (if he was in the U.S. then the answer is not very freakin' knowledgeable at all, but IDK about Sweden). From the description provided, I don't think it could be said that he was "well aware of his condition." … » 9/21/14 12:54pm Sunday 12:54pm

And I'm pretty sure he just wrote this girl's acceptance ticket to whatever journalism school she wants to go to also. Imagine that application essay, "I got suspended for standing up for my rights as a journalist." If she's also a good writer and editor, then she'll probably get a scholarship. » 9/21/14 12:37pm Sunday 12:37pm

The Vader thing could have been perfectly fine, if they'd set it up right in the prequels. He knew/suspected he had a son but never knew that his wife had actually had twins. Or he went evil shortly after the conception of the children and never even knew his wife was pregnant. Wife goes into hiding, gives birth,… » 9/03/14 8:04am 9/03/14 8:04am

While I don't disagree with saying her advice in this case stinks* I think it's worth saying that Emily Yoffe herself isn't the person who animates or chooses the animation for her videos, she has nothing to do with it. That would be a producer or editor, and I remember this instance. As soon as Yoffe saw what had… » 8/28/14 3:09pm 8/28/14 3:09pm

I'm glad this is the top comment. I really think the advice "treat the people you meet as real human beings and make new friends, be open to listening to other people's lives and learning about people who aren't like you" is much more apt. Then you make friends from all kinds of groups without trying. And you learn… » 8/27/14 12:56pm 8/27/14 12:56pm

My husband and I were watching the original Superman the other night, and he said "Superman's real super power is acting." Because he makes it completely clear in this movie how DIFFERENT Clark Kent and Superman are, which is why nobody starts to connect the two, why would they? They're nothing alike. » 8/27/14 9:47am 8/27/14 9:47am

Yeah, I mean JMS is really good at what he does but that story was what it was because it was on TV. I'm a huge fan, it's probably one of my favorite shows of all time, one of my favorite stories of all time, but I don't think a feature film reboot is really all that wise. I don't see what it could add. » 8/10/14 11:49am 8/10/14 11:49am