Oh man, I love old stuff and now suddenly I’m having the hardest time coming up with what I actually have that’s even older than me. I have a large collection of memorabilia from E.T. that’s all from the early 80’s but that obviously isn’t that old (please tell me that’s not that old).

» 4/02/15 2:09pm 4/02/15 2:09pm

Technically reshoots could also mean that there is literally a technical element that needs fixing. A continuity glitch, they missed getting a plate they thought they got, a line of dialogue got changed for legal reasons and they couldn't cover it properly, or maybe they ran out of time and missed a shot they thought… » 3/27/15 6:55pm 3/27/15 6:55pm

Yeah, if the guy had said "we're wanting to get back to the roots of the show, the relationships that made it strong, and really focusing on our core cast" then I would be 100% on board. As it is, I'm cautiously optimistic that the season finale meant that they understood we didn't want new weird characters this… » 3/19/15 12:49pm 3/19/15 12:49pm

While I think Grey Gardens is an amazingly well made film, and it's definitely had a lasting impression on me (more than I thought it would at the time I watched it) I also was very uncomfortable with watching it for a lot of the reasons you outline here. Sometimes I feel like the people who love it as a campy, fun… » 3/11/15 10:27am 3/11/15 10:27am

This is the newest version of what I consider the best lip balm I've ever used, which was the plain Hydration Lock. I haven't used the dual ended one yet but dang, this stuff is so phenomenal. I was a "buy the cheapest thing possible it's all the same" person until I got a sample of it and now I'll only buy stuff… » 3/09/15 4:33pm 3/09/15 4:33pm

I'd be more than happy to not yell at the airlines or get mad at them for bad weather if the guy at the check-in desk wasn't an arrogant, condescending jerk about the whole situation when I asked exactly why he thought I would want to take over 24 hours to get home instead of trying to route me through another city… » 3/06/15 12:13pm 3/06/15 12:13pm

My dad was a policeman, my sister is a scientist, and I studied film and photography. The average episode of CSI makes us all scream. The characters used to be good enough to get over it, and for a while I was still hate watching, but this season they used a surveillance video to use the vibration of plants in a… » 3/05/15 2:49pm 3/05/15 2:49pm

I used to think that way too (that it was mostly the actress/effects but an interesting idea) until we were rewatching it and my husband went on a ten minute long rant about all the deficiencies in that kind of system and why it would be the most ridiculous waste ever to exist (namely that the human/alien body can't… » 2/25/15 6:29am 2/25/15 6:29am

I have two film degrees and my DVD shelf is mostly sci-fi action movies and I own Spice World. My fellow students would try to argue with me all the time about film as art, but film has, is, and will always be art for the masses in a way many other art forms never achieved, and ignoring the masses when you talk about… » 2/24/15 12:41pm 2/24/15 12:41pm

I learned to edit film by using a tape to tape VTR machine. To this day I find it easier to use a jog shuttle than half the keyboard shortcuts. But really though, I actually think that's how they should still start editing students in film schools, because when you have to edit that way, you make every edit count… » 2/24/15 12:22pm 2/24/15 12:22pm